Protecting and securing your confidential information has never been more important than in today's rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Internet based commerce leads the charge in terms of efficiency, accessibility, portability and ease of use, however, it also presents substantial challenges in regards to privacy and keeping your data secure.

On a daily basis, we use our computers and mobile devices to perform online banking, pay bills and make purchases. We visit various websites and commonly use the same username and password to access them. We know that using the same password isn't ideal, but having a unique password for each website isn't manageable, or at least it wasn't, until now.

We present Vault, by CompuTrust.

Vault is very useful for storing and sharing usernames, passwords, website URL's, notes and other information in a simple, central and secure way.

Vault is a unique communication service that encrypts/decrypts your confidential information inside your web browser, iPhone or iPad. This encrypted information is then stored in our secure database cloud, and since we only store your encrypted data, we have NO way to access it, NO way to decrypt it, and NO way to recover it. If you lose your password, your data is NOT recoverable. This is one of Vault's key security features.

Vault is cloud based, so unlike traditional password software which is installed and accessed on your local computer, Vault can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and doesn't require independent backups.

Vault also integrates public key cryptography for record sharing, so you can easily and securely share information with other users in your trust network.