How would most people use Vault?

Vault is very useful for storing and sharing usernames, passwords, website URL's, notes and other information in a simple, central and secure way.

How do I share my entries/records?

Simply add Authorized Users to your Trust Network by entering their email address. Once they accept and confirm your invitation, you can begin sharing entries/records.

Is there a way to recover from a lost Master Password?

No, there is NO way to recover your information if you lose your Master Password.

It is extremely important that you retain your Master Password, even if this means that you write it down and store it in a secure location.

How does Vault work?

Once you sign up for an account and login, you can start adding entries to your Vault, including username/password combinations, website URL's, notes, etc. These records are encrypted inside your web browser using your Master Password, and these encrypted records are sent to our secure database cloud.

On future visits to the Vault website, after securely authenticating, these encrypted records are pulled from the secure database cloud back into your web browser, where you can decrypt them with your Master Password.

Vault only stores your encrypted records, and these records can only be decrypted with your Master Password. This is one of the key security features of the Vault service.

Vault also integrates Public Key cryptography, so you can easily and securely share your records with other users in your Trust Network.

Is Vault a free service?

Yes, the Vault service is free, and there are no plans at this time to charge for it.

Is wireless messaging/SMS required?

Yes, our service requires the use of wireless messaging/SMS to send your verification/authentication codes.

This provides an additional layer of security, to ensure your account and information is protected as much as possible.